Our annual FOREPAC Raffle is the main fundraiser for ARSEA/APEAL’s Friends of Retirees and Employees Political Action Committee and provides us the opportunity to raise much needed resources for our lobbying efforts on your behalf.  

Well-funded, out-of-state groups who want to abolish our retirement system (RSA) will be very active in making contributions to candidates up and down the ballot during the 2018 election cycle, and we must do our best to fight back dollar-for-dollar. Every dollar raised through the FOREPAC Raffle goes directly toward electing officials who support your pension system and understand the issues important to you.  

Since its creation, the overwhelming majority of candidates receiving contributions from FOREPAC on both the state and local levels have won their races, which translates to more ears in places of influence willing to listen to our concerns and more mouths willing to speak up on our behalf.

Participation in our raffle also makes you eligible to win a variety of valuable prizes that include state-of-the-art electronics, housewares, gift cards, and others. Raffle ticket packages are available starting at 24 for $35, although other ticketing options are available upon request.

Drawings will take place at the ARSEA/APEAL Annual Convention FOREPAC Event on September 19th at the Hotel Capstone in Tuscaloosa.  Ticket holders do not have to be present to win.

To purchase tickets, please download the form and return it to our office, or call us at 800-844-7732 or 334-834-9116 with any questions you may have.

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