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Retiree Longevity Bonus

SB218              Senators Jabo Waggoner (R – Vestavia Hills)/ Del Marsh (R – Anniston) and Greg Reed (R – Jasper)


Summary:       This legislation provides a one-time, lump-sum retiree bonus awarded December, 2020 that utilizes a sliding scale formula - $3.00 multiplied by the number of months of active service during a retiree’s career.  A 25-year state employee, for example, would receive a $900 lump sum bonus using this formula ($3 x 12 months x 25 years = $900).

FY20 General Fund Budget

SB157/HB152              Senator Greg Albritton (R – Atmore)/Rep. Steve Clouse (R – Ozark)

                                    Awaiting Committee Action

Summary:      Included in this legislation is the appropriation for the State Employees Health Insurance Program.  This year, the SEIB has requested $930 per employee. 

Adding Local Government Members to the ERS Board

SB154              Senator Greg Reed (R – Jasper)
                        Passed Senate/Awaiting vote by House

HB172             Representative Reed Ingram (R – Montgomery
                        Passed House/Awaiting Senate Committee Action

Summary:      This legislation would revise the membership of the Board of Control of the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) of Alabama by adding designated ERS members from local units (such as cities, counties, and public boards).

Elder Abuse – Financial Institution Delay of Transactions

SB166              Senator Shay Shelnutt (R – Trussville)

                        Awaiting Vote by Senate

HB207             Representative Chris Blackshear (R – Smith Station)

                        Awaiting Vote by House

Summary:      This legislation would allow a financial institution to refuse or delay a financial transaction on an account of an elderly or vulnerable adult when a financial institution has reasonable cause to suspect that financial exploitation may have occurred or is being attempted.

Retiree Revolving Door Revision

SB 177             Senator Garlan Gudger (R – Cullman)

                        Awaiting Vote by Senate

Summary:      This bill provides that a former public employee may resume employment with a former governmental employer during the two-year cooling off period.  This bill also provides a former public employee may accept employment with another public employer and may represent the interests of that new public employer before his or her former public employer during the two-year cooling off period.

Tier Adjustment Bills –

There are multiple bills that if passed, would make an adjustment to the current Tier 2 retirement benefit for active employees.  These bills are:

  • SB201/HB268 : Tier 3 Retirement Benefit created for active state and local government employees
  • HB280 : State Police Tier II plan reopened to any employee of Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency who is certified by the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission and performs law enforcement duties, 25 year retirement and hazardous duty time allowed
  • HB76/SB: Tier 3 Retirement Benefit created for active teachers
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