2022 Legislative Day


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ARSEA/APEAL represents retirees and employees eligible to retire at both a state and local level. We are a non-partisan, public retiree advocacy group with over 20,000 members whose main purpose is protecting your retirement income. 


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Tier Conversion


ARSEA/APEAL has followed the process of converting city, county and public board Tier ll benefits from legislation to implementation.  The date for final participating local governments to submit their resolutions has passed.  Follow this link to see if your employer completed the process.    


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Legislative Updates


In the coming weeks, please look for future ARSEA/APEAL Updates, Legislative Alerts, and other communications that instruct you to reach out to your House and Senate members and let your voice be known as issues of importance to us come up for consideration.

Become a member today and learn more about the progress of the bonus that ARSEA/APEAL’s legislative team is working hard to get passed.  Find out about other legislation that is important to employees and retirees and their benefits.


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