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ARSEA/APEAL represents retirees and employees eligible to retire at both a state and local level. We are a non-partisan, public retiree advocacy group with over 17,000 members whose main purpose is protecting your retirement income. 


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Norris Green for ERS Board




Citing his stellar service, experience, and strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, ARSEA/APEAL nominated Norris Green for a new term as the state retiree representative on the Employees’ Retirement System Board of Control. 

Green spearheaded the effort to secure regular benefit increases for state and local retirees, and he has developed COLA legislation that would allow the lawmakers to resume the practice without adversely affecting the finances of the Retirement Systems of Alabama. His bill received unanimous passage in the Alabama House during the 2024 regular session, which came the closest we have gotten in the last 17 years to obtaining an increase for retirees.

After retiring with 39 years of service, Green served as the director of the Legislative Fiscal Office, where he handled all legislation related to RSA, he has vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the multi-billion-dollar Education Trust Fund and General Fund budgets.  This has served him well as a member of the ERS board that oversees almost $15 billion in assets.

“Norris Green as the state retiree representative on the ERS Board has always voted in the best interests of the retirement system and the members it serves,” ARSEA/APEAL President Thomas Moore said.  “Dr. Bronner and the other member representatives on the ERS board have a strong and committed ally in Norris, and we are proud to nominate him for a new term."

Look for your official ballot from the Retirement Systems of Alabama in the coming weeks.

















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