Thank You for Your 2020 ARSEA Foundation Contributions

The ARSEA Foundation Board would like to thank everyone who contributed to the ARSEA Foundation in 2020.  Through your generous donations the Foundation was able to contribute $500 to each of the 13 Alabama Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs).

During the pandemic, the AAAs experienced a strain on their nutrition centers and Meals on Wheels budgets.  With so many seniors unable to get needed assistance due to isolation and because they found themselves homebound, deliveries were on the rise.  We received several thank you letters and calls from AAA directors who were grateful for the financial contributions. 

Your funds were used to deliver groceries, cleaning supplies and masks when they were difficult to obtain.  Microwaves were provided to homebound seniors who did not have a working oven to heat up their frozen meal deliveries.  As adjustments were made during this unprecedented time, your contributions were used to improve the circumstances of seniors in need of assistance.

The ARSEA Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more information about the Foundation, its programs, or how to make a donation, please visit, e-mail or call our office at 800-844-7732.

Thank you to everyone who donated in 2020

Elizabeth Abernathy

Nell Bedford

Gene Brown

Richard Cater

Bob Childree

James Coman

Rebekah Cornelison

Cynthia Dillard

Jerry Fielding

Thomas Flowers

Warner Floyd

Mike Gillespie

Norris Green

Peggy Harris

Thera Herring

Ella Jones 

Buck Lee

Macon County Chapter

Ken Mahan

Ken Mays

Robert McCollough

Carolyn Middleton

Flora Milton

Walter Moore

Rex Reynolds

Jeff Sparks

Mike Sparks

Winkler Sims

Cynthia Thomas

John Tripp




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