Benefit Specialists

Do You Need a Benefit Review?

Do you have the right insurances and services to protect yourself and your family in retirement? Would you like to have a licensed insurance professional review the policies you have, help you understand what they provide, and identify what, if any, additional coverages you may want to consider? This service is available now, free of charge, to all ARSEA/APEAL members.
Led by AMBA Director of Virtual Enrollments, Cristen Cochran, the team is committed to putting the needs and interests of ARSEA/APEAL members before their own. In short, ARSEA/APEAL/AMBA Benefit Specialists will not recommend or sell products that the members do not need or cannot afford.

We are starting our springtime by reaching out to ARSEA/APEAL members for their FREE benefits review. These are the team members you will hear from.

Your ARSEA/AMBA Benefit Specialist Team

Cristen Cochran, Field Sales Leader

Jeffrey Collins | 334-309-4345
Michael Barto | 216-233-9388
Brenda Lawrence | 334-208-8725
Vickie Hemphill | 205-757-9281
Annie Cleveland | 706-436-5919

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