The Friends of Retirees/Employees Political Action Committee (FOREPAC) is the official PAC of ARSEA/APEAL. It provides individuals concerned with retiree benefits an additional way to legally, ethically, and appropriately promote their interests with the Alabama Legislature.

In politics there is strength in numbers. When individuals organize around a common interest and are committed to influencing public actions, politicians are inclined to listen. FOREPAC goes a long way toward guaranteeing public retirees a seat at the policymaking table. The ARSEA/APEAL Board of Directors spent many months carefully crafting FOREPAC to assure that we have the clout only a political action committee can provide. Think of ARSEA/APEAL’s legislative program as a three-legged stool, each leg vital to the stability and integrity of the program.  The three legs are:

1. Grassroots activity -  ARSEA/APEAL members’ personal contacts, phone calls, emails, and letters to elected officials.

2. Lobbying -  ARSEA/APEAL’s trained staff and leadership providing information to lawmakers, the public, and the media.

3. A Political Action Committee -  Helping finance the election and re-election of legislative and local government candidates who support the interests of retirees.

FOREPAC is organized and controlled by contributing ARSEA/APEAL members at the grassroots level, to assure that the most effective contributions are made of the donated money. By pooling the contributions of many donors, FOREPAC can make larger donations to the campaigns of candidates who support our positions on cost-of-living increases, protection of insurance benefits, and other issues important to retirees.

ARSEA/APEAL members serving on FOREPAC district-level committees carefully screen candidates at the local level. Every FOREPAC contributor may vote on the acceptability of the candidates considered for financial support within the district. Local recommendations are passed on to the FOREPAC Board of Directors, which makes the final decisions on the level of support for candidates. The FOREPAC Board of Directors is made up of the twenty district advisory committee members (DAC) and other key leaders for ARSEA/APEAL.

Supporting FOREPAC is important.  Unless we come together and speak with one strong voice, other groups who don’t share our interests and values will shape public policy in Montgomery.

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