Why Join?


ARSEA/APEAL is a statewide organization representing state, county, and municipal retirees and employees at the Alabama State House, city halls, and county courthouses.  All of our members receive benefits from the Retirement Systems of Alabama.

  • We are governed by a voluntary board of directors elected by the membership.
  • Headquartered in Montgomery, our staff led by Executive Director Lindsey Ward works to constantly serve its membership through legislation, information, representation, advocacy, education, and special events, alongside board members and an experienced network of local leaders.
  • Our Friends of Retirees/Employees Political Action Committee (FOREPAC) actively participates in legislative, county and municipal elections. FOREPAC supports candidates who have demonstrated knowledge of and support for the issues that retirees and employees face. 
  • In our 44-year history, our association successfully convinced the Legislature to award 13 cost-of-living (COLAs) adjustments from 1980-2007 and seven one-time bonuses since 2008. We continue to work diligently to preserve the retirement and health insurance benefits that our members earned including working to obtain a benefit increase in the next legislative session.


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