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The Alabama Retired State Employees’ Association (ARSEA) was organized in Montgomery over 40 years ago. The association was formed as an advocate for a strong, stable, solvent retirement system and adequate retirement benefits for state and local government retirees.

The Alabama Public Employees’ Advocacy League (APEAL) is a statewide organization representing state, city, county and public board employees. We work to ensure that promised pension and health insurance benefits are available when our members decide to retire.

ARSEA and APEAL joined forces in 2012 and now, working together, have an even stronger voice. With their combined membership, ARSEA/APEAL is considered to be among the most influential and respected groups representing current and future retirees in Alabama.

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450 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Phone: 334-834-9116

Toll Free: 800-844-7732


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