Issues and Benefits Meetings


Issues and Benefits meetings are usually held in conjunction with the legislative session and focus on the happenings in the Alabama State House and how proposed legislation could affect your retirement benefits.  Also, ARSEA/APEAL’s staff and leaders discuss newly implemented programs.  In addition, SEIB Advisors and RSA representatives are invited to provide answers to questions you may have about your insurance coverage.

Members of the Alabama House and Senate have been invited to attend, as well as local elected officials. This provides an excellent opportunity to hear firsthand from those voting on measures that could affect the benefits you earned through a career in public service.  The pandemic interrupted our meetings in 2020, but In the future, we hope that we can plans these meetings again and welcome you to come share your thoughts on current issues facing public retirees and employees eligible to retire with those that represent you!

Please enjoy these pictures from our 2019 Issues and Benefits Meetings.








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