The Fountain of Youth Can Be Found in Friendships: The Health Benefits of Staying Social

Spending time with friends isn’t just great fun - it turns out there are profound health benefits for your mind and body as well. Smaller social circles and losing friends is common as we get older, but it turns out that making the effort to stay social reaps important benefits. Connecting with others and forging meaningful relationships increases mental health and well-being,...
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Four Tips for Eye Health in Today’s Digital World

Americans spend a whopping 4 hours and 25 minutes each day on their mobile devices. That doesn’t even include the time spent watching television, working on a computer, or other digital screens. It’s official: We live in a digital world. Unfortunately, your eye health can suffer from all of the increased time on digital devices. Though minimizing screen time is the most...
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Want a More Serene – and Safer – Home? Check Out Our Fabulous 5 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Many of us are familiar with Marie Kondo’s philosophy of our homes should be filled with only things that “spark joy”. While that is an admirable ambition, it’s also not 100% realistic: only a handful of people feel a sense of joy about their soup strainer. Still, every household should have things that are needed as well as wanted. But when does enough become too much?...
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Your Dinner Impacts Your Dentistry: The Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Mouth

We all know the axiom “you are what you eat”. Our overall health is, to a significant extent, determined by the foods we eat. Though the results are most obviously revealed physically in our waistline, what you eat will ultimately make up portions of your cells, skin, hair, blood transportation systems, muscles, fat, and more. What you eat will also have a strong influence in...
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