The Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time on Vision – and Overall – Health

How much time do you spend each day looking at a digital screen? You might be surprised by how much time is spent looking at a computer screen, television, phone, or tablet. What might also surprise you is how far we exceed the recommended hours. AMBA is here to provide the information you need and help you care for your eyes and overall health. Why Excessive Screen Time Can Affect...
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AMBA Hosts Volunteer Event for Letters Against Isolation

AMBA brings smiles and joy to isolated and lonely older people. AMBA Call Center team members recently gathered in a conference room for a unique get-together. Normally, AMBA Call Center representatives are busy helping people sign up for important insurance benefits. On this occasion, however, the civic-minded AMBA team met up to do something just as valuable: to volunteer in a...
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Want to Reduce Stress? AMBA Makes It Easy with 5 Simple Tips

April is Stress Awareness Month. It’s the perfect opportunity to shed light on stress management and promote strategies for healthier living. From preparing taxes, to paying bills, to demands on our schedules, stress is something we all must deal with. Managing stress can not only simplify our lives but is vital for our wellbeing. For many, stress can affect our mental and physical...
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Have You Left Unclaimed Funds on the Table? Here’s How to Find Out.

Get AMBA’s tips to find money you may have lost. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra money in your savings? Even better is if it’s money you’ve already earned but forgot was yours. You’re not alone. Lost assets have become a common and concerning trend in recent years. One report indicates that the United States has just under 30,000,000 forgotten...
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