After Teaching for 75 years, Teacher Retires on Her 95th Birthday

Talk about making the grade! When it comes to remarkable teaching careers, Grace Adkins definitely has earned an A+. Grace Adkins began her teaching career when she was just a junior in high school. Now, for her 95 th birthday, she has given herself the perfect birthday gift: retirement! Adkins was first hired in 1976 by Westwood Schools and has also taught at Deerfield Academy. Throughout...
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Have a Blizzard of Debt? See if the Snowball or Avalanche Method Is Right for You

Most people have more than one source of debt. From credit card balances to your mortgage to your auto loan, getting a full scope of what you owe is important. In addition to the impact to your financial health, your mental health can also suffer. The stress and worry can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, ulcers, and worse. The deeper you get into debt, the more likely it...
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Do Sunglasses Really Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin from prolonged exposure to the sun. What many people don’t realize or neglect to do is to take an equal amount of precaution to protect their eyes. Sunglasses are more than just a cool fashion statement or way to keep the sun out of your eyes on bright days.   Four Reasons To Wear Sunglasses More Often 1)...
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Bizarre Dental Injuries That Happened to the Rich and Famous

Action film stars are no strangers to physical injuries. From minor slips to severe injuries, even the best precautions aren’t always able to prevent an accident. Still, these examples of the rich and famous losing their teeth can be a healthy reminder that accidents and injuries can happen to all of us, and dental emergencies can occur suddenly when you least expect it. In The Lord...
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