Envisioning a New Future in Eyecare: Man Receives First Complete Eye Transplant Ever

Although surgeons have been able to transplant corneas successfully for years, the quest for a complete eye transplant has remained elusive. That is, until now. Surgeons say Aaron James, who suffered a high-voltage electrical accident, is the first patient who has undergone the world’s first complete eye transplant on a man. Although it is not certain James, a military...
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The Top 6 Dental Care Resolutions for 2024

Far more than any other time of the year, New Year’s is filled with gleaming, bright optimism to improve our overall health. Your resolutions can help give your teeth and oral health the attention and care they need. Want to raise the attractiveness of your smile and lower the costs of your dental care? Our Top Dental Resolutions for the New Year 1) Brush for a Full 2 Minutes...
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Who Gets the Call? Are Your Emergency Contacts Up To Date?

Nobody wants to think about a medical emergency happening to them. But everyone needs to recognize the importance of being prepared. No matter your age or how healthy you are, emergency contacts are one of the most important ways to be ready in case of a medical emergency. After all, unforeseen events like car accidents, severe weather events, or natural disasters can happen to anyone,...
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Be on the Lookout for These Gender-Specific Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Early intervention can make a significant difference in heart attack outcomes. Half of those who suffer cardiac arrest experience a symptom 24 hours before the incident. However, new findings indicate the warning symptoms can be different for women and men. Sudden cardiac arrest outside a hospital has a ~90% mortality rate. Likewise, approximately half of the individuals who endure cardiac...
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