Good Nutrition for Healthy Vision

We’ve all heard that the reason rabbits have healthy vision is because they eat so many carrots. While to some degree that story is an exaggeration, it’s true that the foods you eat and the dietary supplements you take play an important role in your overall health as well as the health of your eyes. For example, a diet high in saturated fat and sugar may increase your risk of...
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Wearing Pink Is Just the Start – More Ways to Take Part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Wearing pink ribbons has become a tradition to express one’s solidarity to fight for a cure and to support others suffering from the disease. But here are some additional ways to promote breast cancer awareness and provide education and support. Mammograms Save Lives Remind your loved ones to get regular mammograms. Breast screenings...
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Jane Goodall Honored with A Barbie Doll

Today’s generation of children will get to know Jane Goodall in a new way – with a Barbie doll of the pioneer and conservationist. Barbie dolls have been around since 1959. The Barbie Inspiring Women Series, one of their newest and most successful lines, puts iconic actresses, leaders, artists, and scientists in Barbie form. In August, they released their latest, commemorating...
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What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity and What You Can Do

Many of us wouldn’t hesitate to call our doctor or physician if we felt a twinge of pain in our neck or back. However, all too often when it comes to our teeth, we shrug off small signs of discomfort. But we should show our oral care the same attention we give the rest of our body. Any sensation on or around the tooth is the first sign something isn’t right, and it starts at the...
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