The Pros and Cons of Progressive Lenses

As we get older, many of us discover we’re having vision issues with both nearby and further objects. The solution for some people is to have two pairs of single-lens glasses: one for activities that require clear distance vision, such as driving, and another set for close-up activities, such as reading. However, carrying two pairs of glasses at all times can be inconvenient.  ...
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Retiring Director Says 'Thank You'

  Note - Tom Mellish, who has served as Executive Director since 2015, is retiring following a long career as an educator and then as IRTA's leader. As I get ready to walk away, I want to thank everyone who made this such a great tenure for me at IRTA. I traveled the state and enjoyed visiting each chapter, each with your own uniqueness, but with dedication to your...
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How to Emotionally Handle Retirement

  Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that you were a recent college graduate and a young educator ready to make a difference. You have since taught hundreds of lessons, poured over countless tests and worked tirelessly to help young people learn. And now, you are considering retirement. That thought can be unnerving. If you have planned properly, your ...
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How to Be Happy in Retirement

  Retirement is an exciting time – a great anticipation of well-earned “me time”. You have spent decades working for others and serving your profession. You deserve this chance to focus on what really makes you happy the rest of your life. However, retirement can be a greater challenge than expected - especially mentally. You might miss your colleagues and...
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